Thursday, December 5, 2013

Personal query responses!

Form rejections can be frustrating for writers and agents alike. Writers don't like getting them, and we don't like sending them! I often wish I had more time to respond personally to queries, and I sometimes do when it's a very close call. Unfortunately, the volume of queries I receive and my duties to my wonderful clients make it impossible to do this all the time. If you query me between today and Sunday, though, with "Personal query response" in your subject line, I promise to be 100% honest in my response to your query. If you think this might be helpful to you, please send queries for completed, polished works of middle grade or YA fiction along with the first ten pages of your manuscript to molly [@]


  1. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  2. I'll be sending my query your way. Thank you!

  3. You kindly said no before, but I've made changes and would like to know what you think. Or even find out why you passed.